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ABOUT US - Bruce & Dottie

How We Met

I first met Dorothy, when she was helping a friend to improve his dating site.  She was working on the site, when my profile popped up. Her friend suggested that she should meet me.

We met up for coffee in a bistro in the Beeches area of Toronto. I remember sitting at a table waiting for her to arrive.  When she walked into the bistro, and I saw her, I remember thinking "This could be the ONE!"

Us on Beach Blue Lagoon
Fiji - Canon - 3 113

We had coffee and light snacks, not enough for her I was told at a later date as she just adores food!. After we finished our coffee,  I asked her if she would like to come back to my boat and meet my dog, Striker. Classic pickup line. LOL! She agreed and followed me to the marina, where I was living on my boat with my dog.  Striker, my dog and best friend, immediately took to her, and I took that as a sign of approval, and we began our love affair.

We have at this time been together, off and on for about 18 years, and plan to get married later this year. I am a very independent and stubborn person, and not that easy to get along with.  We are both alphas by nature, and that was a problem from the beginning.

We soon discovered that we are very much alike in our ways.  We travel very well together, and love to explore and experience new things and eats.  We plan to continue with our adventures and thought it might be fun sharing our experiences.  Hope you enjoy it all.  Thanks for having a peek and we hope you will become a member and share with us your adventures as well.

About Bruce

When I was young I was a bit of a dweeb.  Not too outgoing nor willing to try new things.  It was sometime when I was in high school, after a really bad motorcycle accident and 10 days in a coma that I changed.  

I became more outgoing, and looking for new things to try. I slowly became an adrenalin junky. I dressed differently, and began my life of exploring new adventures. I studied rock climbing, scuba diving, martial arts, motorcycles and fast cars. 

When I was in my late teens, I bought a used Bell telephone van, and began a trip across Canada to Vancouver, and down to the Big Sur, in California. 

The year after that I spent a few months in Europe touring in a VW van.  Many tales and adventures were to begin after that.

Me & my Norton.jpg
About Dottie


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